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“Get two, give two.”

This sums up the concept of this group in a nutshell. Looking for a literature critique? This is the place for you! Here we regularly exchange critiques on literature deviations of all kinds.

:bulletblack: For new guys: Everyone is welcome to join the group. Just read the Quick Start Rules for new members over here: readthine-readmine.deviantart.…  or on our front page.

:bulletblack: The languages here are only English and German.

:bulletblack: Approximately every two months I post a journal on the group page with the new reading list. This list shows who has to read and critique what. You are assigned two deviations and in return two other members are assigned to your work. Make sure to not miss that post!

:bulletblack: You have to read the deviations within about 7 weeks – there is a deadline included in the reading list – and write a little critique in the comment section. Send a note to the group when you are finished. Afterwards you can submit your next work to the proper folder.

:bulletblack: The critique doesn't need to be long, a few lines are enough - about 5 lines - just keep it helpful and motivating. You find tips for writing the critique at the bottom of the rules.

:bulletblack: If you have to read a comic, it will be 5 pages because one is really short. You have to write your critique on the last page otherwise we won’t accept it. But you can leave a comment on every page, if you wish.

:bulletblack: If you don’t have enough time to give critique until deadline, don’t worry. Sometimes real life can get very busy. We all know that. In this case we put you on our delay-list submitted with every new reading round. This means you cannot submit new literature to our group until you wrote all your critiques. If you find time again to finish your critiques, just send a note to the group and submit your next piece.

:bulletblack: If you rather want to critique the first chapter/ prologue of a story instead of an assigned later chapter, there are detailed rules about what you have to do at the bottom of the rules.

:bulletblack: We accept all categories of literature in this group, including comics and graphic novels. However, your deviation should be limited to 4,500 words (5,000 words is the absolute maximum)! If it is too long, we ask you to split it into two or more pieces.

:bulletblack: Mature content is allowed but you need to apply a filter according to the rules of dA.

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Reading chapter 1/ prologue:

:bulletblack: If you want to read chapter 1/ the prologue instead of the assigned chapter, you have to write a note to both, the author and me, and ask about it. Just include two names as recipient in your note.
:bulletblack: The author has to answer to both, the reader and me. The author has the right to decline as this group is about receiving feedback on the works you choose. As author, you don't have to explain much. It's sufficient to write "no, I'd rather have a critique on the chapter I submitted instead of my prologue/ chapter 1."
Attention: You don't have to feel bad about declining. Maybe you got enough critiques on part 1 or you want some opinions on the chapter you submitted or you have other reasons. This group is designed so that everyone receives feedback on the text they want to. Therefore it's perfectly fine if you as author insist on a critique on your submitted text. You don't have to agree to having chapter 1 critiqued instead!
If you as author agree, however, please include a link to chapter 1/ the prologue in your note.
:bulletblack: Chapter 1/ the prologue doesn't need to be in this group. The text only has to be regularly available on dA. Important: documents in Stash do NOT count as available as you have to know the link.
:bulletblack: The word count of the prologue/ chapter 1 is not important in this case. So if the author agrees, you have to read the whole text because you asked to.

:bulletblack: And last but not least: These rules are VERY IMPORTANT. If you don’t follow them and I see your critique on a text not assigned to you on the reading list, it does NOT count! I also do NOT accept notes saying: “Hey, Reader X asked me to critique the prologue and I agreed”. I NEED to see both notes: the question AND the answer!
If you don’t stick to these rules, it turns out to be a lot of work for me. And I simply don’t have time for that as my real life is very busy. Therefore these rules are necessary. So please respect them.

Some tips for your critique:

Tell the person what you like about their text and what could be improved. It is important to give both, positive and negative feedback. If you have any ideas about how to improve the weak points, just go ahead and tell them. It’s better to have a little suggestion at hand than just pointing out bad things.

If you want to critique a lot of grammatical errors, typos etc. you are welcome to do so. But please send the author a note/ a stash-file with your corrections and don’t include them in your comment. However, if you feel some wordings sound off, a sentence or short paragraph doesn’t make a lot of sense, a short piece of information is missing or it is just too much and the like, please include all those points in your comment as it’s about the very story that is told.

Other art in our group:

You are allowed to submit art that is related to your stories as long as at least one part of the story is published here. It doesn't matter if the artwork is done by you or another artist - as long as no rules of dA are violated. We have the folder readthine-readmine.deviantart.… in our gallery for that :)

You can also suggest your own art which has nothing to do with your stories to our group favourites.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can send a note to the group or leave a comment directly on this journal. Only keep in mind that I see the note faster than a comment posted here.

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